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    New Setup

      We are going to finally get into the task of monitoring traffic on the LAN now.  Seems like there are quite a few people that are hogging the pipe.  I have a few questions concerning this task.  Does Every switch have to be netflow capable or can you monitor everything with one switch that connects to the internet router?  Just need to find out what we need to buy.  Another thing i need to know is, does the NTA support sFlow?  Also, if we are going to monitor all workstatiuons i assume they all need SNMP installed as well?  Anything else that anyone wants to share on this subject i am all ears. I would appreciate any assistance i can get.  We are trying to get something in place pretty fast.  Thanks.



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          Andy McBride

          Hi PMan,

          I recommend monitoring the connection to the Internet router, not every switch. If you monitor all the switches you will see a lot of LAN only traffic which has the effect of hiding the LAN to Internet traffic, the stuff that cause recurring access charges. NTA can use NetFlow v5 and 9 as well as Sflow v5 and J flow. Take a look at this document, especially the Deployment Stratigies section.

          New to Networking Volume 3 - NetFlow Basics and Deployment Strategies


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            Unless this has changed recently, keep in mind that the license for NTA will need to match the license for NPM. That is, if you NPM SLX, you will be required to purchase NTA SLX.

            I'm a little unclear about your requirement to monitor all workstations. Unless you're going to be monitoring such information like CPU, memory and disc space utilization, you won't need to need to install SNMP on them. You definitely don't need SNMP for NetFlow. The NetFlow exports from your internet router/switches should provide all the information that you need.