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    Not seeing host ip info in Netflow Analyzer

      I'm certain I'm not doing something correctly in the setup.  I use a Cisco 1811 router, IOS version 12.4.  The users are all on one VLAN, spread across 2 switches that come into FastEthernet ports 2 and 3 on the router.  FastEthernet0 is the WAN interface.  I enabled Netflow on FastEthernet0, pointed it correctly to my workstation,set up ingress and egress plus cache flow on that port and can see traffic hitting the web and the destination domains in Netflow Analyzer.  I cannot see the host's IP, in other words I can't see from which internal IP the traffic is originating from.  This is the most important data for us: we need to know which users are requesting which web addresses.


      Am I correct that I need to be monitoring FastEthernet ports 2/3 rather than FastEthernet0?  Any specific config assistance tips?