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    Availability Report excluding early morning and late evening?

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to create a report in Report Writer that I can use for our SOX Reports - obviously we have outages during the month in the evenings which are scheduled/etc. and all fine - but when I do an availability report it shows up as less than 100% available.

      In Microsoft SCOM you can set 'Within Time Period: 9am - 5pm' in the report builder and that's fine, but I can't seem to find a way to do that in Report Writer - the closest I've come to is under Filter Results:

      Select Records where all of the below apply:

      - Hour/Time of Day is greater than 0900

      - Hour/Time of day is less than 1700

      But this just blanks the report out, with no nodes in there at all. Can someone please assist? If I can do this then it'll save me SO much time!

      Many thanks,


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          I'm not sure why it isn't working for you.  I have several reports where I have my filter results set to hour of day (24 hour format) greater than or equal to a start time and less than or equal to a closing time and they work fine.  If you could post a screen shot of your Select Fields and Filter Results tabs, I'm sure someone on here can help figure it out.  You might also post the SQL query for the report.  (I'm no sql guru but there are quite a few on here.)  That might help figure out why your time filter isn't working.  With the report open in design view, you can add a SQL tab that shows the SQL query by going to Report | Show SQL.