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    Report from netflow analyser and report writer

      Hi to all

      We are trying to find a right solution to create report about traffic in our network. At this moment we have a NPM 9.5 and Netflow traffic analyser 3.5 SP2. In network we have only cisco routers and ASA. With a report writer we are trying to get following fields:

      node name,

      input interface,

      IP source address,

      protocol name, 

      protocol source port,

      output interface,

      IP dest address,

      protocol dest port

      Could you help us and write example with a right fields for SQL query? What a field mean source and dest protocol (appication) ports?

      thank you! 

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          You can get a lot of the pieces of the report you are asking for but as it stands now not directly from one report I don't think.  You can't read from this about a long term enhancement SolarWinds is working on:

          Endpoint-centric Traffic Analysis Resources - ability to see traffic analysis data related to a specific Orion node (non-NetFlow source). For example, the ability to open an Orion node details page for a Windows server and see the top conversations to/from this server.

          The place to start working with what NTA can do is go into report writer and start working from the canned netflow reports that come with NTA.  There's also a few others that people have created under the Content Exchange under NPM reports.  NTA reports are mixed in with NPM reports.