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    NPM integration with NCM


      I am evaluating NCM and it works fine, now I have installed NPM and manually adding all devices which are on NCM.

      Is there a way that NCM devices with all custom properties are automatically replicated on NPM.

      If we integrate both NPM and NCM, will there be only single Database maintained or both NPM and NCM will work on their individual Databases?

      What I want to achieve is that NPM should import all the devices from NCM and all the properties, reports which are already running on NCM.

      Kindly let me know if it is possible or not.

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          I think NCM includes a scheduled Orion NPM node import job.  Under Schedule, New Job, Import nodes from Orion database.   In the job you can filter nodes imported by Vendor, Machine Type, etc.  This is one solution as most people usually start with all their nodes in NPM and then use the other apps as a subset of their NPM nodes.  For Example for me with Netflow Traffic Analyzer.  I have many nodes in NPM but only a subset are netflow exporters.  Oh and there are two separate DB's.