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    APIs in Orion NPM


      Would it be accurate to describe the Network Sonar in Orion NPM as an "API" for bulk node addition?

      What Manage Nodes on the website, could that be considered a true API for bulk node deletion?


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          If you made a Custom 'NODE' Property - say "TRASH"

          Then Copy-Paste the word TOBEREMOVED into this TRASH field so that this word designates Nodes in the Custom Property-gui. This can be done quickly if you sort by most any field so you can pick and choose those you will want to evenutally delete.

          Then go into Manage Nodes and select your property TRASH and you'll see a list of all of those you flagged TOBEREMOVED - click that and it will list them and then place a check in the topmost button which will in turn check all of those TRASH nodes then click the DELETE and remove the bulk.

          Hope this helps.