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    Reporting - vs. 3 months

      Good day -

      I am curious with the attached from a IPMonitor report, how do I decipher the "vs. 3 months field" -  For example where the 54.17:44:15s is located and moving down the column. Trying to get a feel for how to read the report.


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          Hi Chris,

          The first 2 columns represent the Availability percentage and Coverage time for whatever period you are currently viewing.

          The 3rd and 4th columns represent the same information, but for the last 3 months.

          So if we take the first row of your report, I can see that the monitor has no availability or coverage information for the current time period, however, in the past 3 months, it has 54 days, 17 hours, 44 minutes and 15 seconds of uptime and the Availability was approximately 99.9998% (I'm not 100% sure because the mouse cursor is in the way).

          This leads me to believe that perhaps this Monitor was deleted or configured to not record statistics approximately 5 weeks ago.  As a result, it has statistics for 3 month window, but no stats for the current time window.  Is this possible?

          Let me know if this helps.

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