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    NCM to notify of change without including the DIFF.


      I am working in the Electric Utility industry, and we have a requirement to monitor change in a closed network that has NERC/WECC critical infrastructure proections and regulations wrapped around it such that I must respond to changes in configuration in a very short time frame (less than 24 hours).  We have a stand alone SW Orion system with NPM and CM modules. 

      We do have the ability for NPM/CM to send our alerts via SMTP (though that is about it).

      What I need is for CM to send out the Alert (either in realtime or after a nightly sweep) of any device that doesn't match baseline, which is already can do.. BUT, I need it to not include the text of that DIFF in anyway.

      Sending the actual config information over e-mail is a CIP violation for me. :\ 

      Could I get a new feature to have that be a check box in the alert configuration system? "Notify only, do not include DIFF".

      That would alert my staff to physically go to the Solarwinds system and review the reports that would include the DIFF (or log into the end node and review it's config)