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    SNMPv3 help needed


      We have some devices using SNMPv3, I checked the help of Solarwinds but the in didn't find the explanation I was looking for.

      Cisco and other vendros are using specific names for snmpv3 parameters and it seems that they doesn't match with the fields in the solarwinds tools.

      For i.e. with Cisco we have :

      • user
      • group
      • view
      • defaultview


      Solarwinds we have :

      • name
      • username
      • context


      I tried several combinations without success. my device is not responding via snmp (i'm sure it works, using another software with v3 without problems)

      Could you tell me which field is what exactly?

      Maybe the fields have to be filled like 3P/something?

      Thanks for the help

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          Hi hhi - this might make things a little clearer:

          SolarWinds Fields:

          • Name = the name of the credential in the Workspace Studio (not passed to the device)
          • Username = the username as defined in the Cisco "snmp-server user ..." command
          • Context = the context used in the Cisco "snmp-server group ..." command.

          In IOS:

          • Views -  are contained in groups;
            • Views define what MIBs are available.
          • Groups - determine what MIBs can be read or written to, in a given context.
          • Users  - are assigned to groups
            • Users define the username and the authentication and encryption parameters.


          So, to create the user "greg" (my favorite), an using md5 auth password of "gregsauthpwd" and des encryption with a password of (you guessed it) "gregsencpassword", you would enter the following commands on your Cisco IOS device:


          // define the view - we are making one called gregsview that can see everything in mib-2

          snmp-server view gregsview mib-2 included

          // Create a group that uses the new view for read and write, and specify that it must use SNMPv3 with both authentication and privacy turned on, and a context name of "gregscontext"

          snmp-server group gregsgroups v3 priv context gregscontext read gregsview write gregsview

          // and finally create the user

          snmp-server user greg gregsgroup v3 auth md5 gregsauthpassword priv des gregsencpassword


          In the Workspace Studio, you would define a credential to talk to this device like the following:


          Hope this clears things up,

          Greg Newman

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              Thanks for the complete explanations, unfortunately I'm still unable to reach the device... :-(

              I tried several combinations, still not reachable.

              What is "Password is key" for by the way?

              I guess also Read/Write is for a credential that can also write on the device? On my current, it is only read.

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                  Hi hhi--

                  If you are in a time crunch, open a support ticket here. In order to receive technical support, you will need to be current on your SolarWinds maintenance. Complete the form. You will not be able to upload your Orion diagnostics, but you will receive an email back that allows you to upload diagnostics.


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                    I tried a lot today and finally found a config that works:

                    access-list 1 permit host NMS-HOST

                    snmp-server view orionview mib-2 included
                    snmp-server group oriongroup v3 priv read orionview access 1
                    snmp-server user orion oriongroup v3 auth sha AUTH-KEY priv aes 128 PRIV_KEY

                    The access is read-only and limited to NMS-HOST.