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    Orion Additional Polling Engine and modules -- what do I buy...Nothing because it's now free!


      We've seen a few questions about modules and polling engines that suggest some folks are confused about what they should buy.  Here's a quick clarification:  In the past, you would buy an NPM Additional Polling Engine and then for every module on your main Orion Server, you had to buy a module polling engine.  That's not how it works now.  We decided that it was too complicated and potentially expensive for customers, so we decided to make the module piece of the polling engine free.  That's right--free.  We've been changing the licensing since this summer.  It's now been removed from APM, IPSLA, and now NTA.

      Now, when you buy the Additional Polling Engine, you never have to buy anything more for the additional poller, no matter how many you buy.  However, even though you don't have to buy it, you still have to install it.  The NPM polling engine won't know about APM until you install the APM bits.  Where are those bits?  They're in your APM 3.1 installer.  Run the same installer on an additional poller and it will automatically recognize what it is and install the right parts.  Same for NTA and IPSLA. 

      What if you already paid for it?  It's still good news because it means we won't charge you for maintenance, and when your network grows and you add pollers, you won't have to buy the module bits separately.