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    Custom Template not working



      I am just a sys admin and I am not familiar/comfortable with making changes to our switches. I leave that to our network team. I'm trying to setup a simple template that will just give me the running config of a switch.

      My template looks like this...

      "script ShowRunning(  
                                   NCM.Nodes @ContextNode
        //Enter CLI commands
          sh run


      There are no variables so that screen on the wizard is blank as expected. When I click the next button to view output I only see this "sh run".

      What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to enter my credentials for the switch in this template to get this working? We telnet to the switch and the first thing it asks for is username and password. Is that maybe why this is not working?




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          The Config Generator is a tool that simply generates code snippets to be used within a device or through script execution in a tool like NCM.  It won't connect to the device and authenticate.  I think what you're looking for is more along the lines of NCM (there is a free eval on the SW site)