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      I have some performance issues, not sure if related to app or what.  I can pull up 15 min to 4 hr data for a particular router with no problem but 24 hr and drill downs take upwards of 5 minutes and sometime longer to build.  Another engineer is playing around with Scrutinizer and it pops the same data in less then a minute, it is running on a VM ion a shared lab server

      5 pollers NPM 9.5.1

      DB  sql 2005 enterprise on 4 proc dual core with 32 GB mem  DB log on dedicated mirror, DB temp on a dedicated mirror, DB on a dedicate 14 drive raid 10

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          Andy McBride

          Sounds like your DB is a screaming machine. Have you looked and the disk queue length  - I doubt it is an issue but is worth looking at just in case. How many NetFlow sources do you have on NTA? How many on Scrutinizer? What is you Orion element count?