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    Wrong values/scale on monitored interfaces - Workspace studio


      I'm using Engineer Toolset for some days and this product is really great.

      However I'm facing something strange with it. I added some interfaces chart on some of my nodes.

      Communication is ok, I see the data coming via SNMP, but for i.e. I have one interface which a Gigabit interface, set to a value of 30mbps (what we have really available on this system - Business partner router), and my graph is showing me values like 3,4Gb or 4,5Gb of traffic.

      I tried to aggregate, to separe Tx, Rx, to change interface and even router, I'm facing always incorrect values...

      I don't understand why and how to change it, probably the graph is good, but the scale is wrong.

      Do you have any tips to fix this?

      any help is greatly appreciated,


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          Can you post a screenshot?

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              Sure, here we are...you see on the left...this is a gigabit internet for instance, values are going to 7Gb !!! 

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                  Judging from the legend ("Aggregate Interface ..."), it looks like you have the interface aggregated with one or more other interfaces, meaning that the traffic data from two or more interfaces is being added together and displayed on the chart.  You will need to go back into the chart config, remove the aggregate plots, and add plots for the interface by itself.

                  There's also a page in the interface config that will allow you to set a custom speed for that interface so that percent utilization plots will display based on your custom rate limit instead of the full Gigabit capacity.

                  Hope this helps.

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                      Hello again,

                      thanks for the tips, if your read carefully on my first post, you will see, that I already did that, without success.

                      A simple gi interface is creating the same thing, lowering values also don't solve my problem...

                      Unfortunately....any other ideas?


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                          I understand.  I just want to be clear that creating an aggregate interface is only likely to complicate the issue =)

                          Judging from your description, I would recommend double-checking that you're selecting the correct interface in the config.  If this is a business partner's router that you're monitoring (i.e. an upstream provider's device), there's definitely the potential that you've selected a VLAN interface on that device that represents a lot more traffic than just what's coming to your network.

                          If you have telnet or SSH access, you can log into the device and inspect the config to determine which interface you should be monitoring.  However, if you don't have telnet or SSH access (likely with an upstream provider's hardware), you can use the IP Network Browser gadget, under the "Discovery Tools" group, to inspect the device via SNMP.  Enter the router's IP address and IP Network Browser will gather interface information, routing tables, IP addresses, etc.  You should be able to use this information to deduce which interface to monitor.