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    How Solarwind calculates Response time and packet loss.

      Hi All,

      I am new to solarwind,infact this is my second day in solarwind.I just wanted to know how solarwind calculates Response time and Packet loss.Which OID it uses for this purpose.Also Could you please let me know how it calculates the packet drop report.I mean any mathematical calculation.

      Please reply ,this is critical for us.



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          Same thing when you issue ping command on your command prompt (ICMP protocol)

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            Malik Haider

            Node response time calculated by ICMP (Ping)  packet and stores the information in DB calculating  average basses on last 5 ping response from Node.  ICMP doesn't use any OID since its not a SNMP request . Only OID value been pulled by SNMP .  
            Here is a good tool to monitor the ping response from Device. You can use it from Orion server and see what average you have this might be slightly different .  
            Telnet is deferent protocol and response might be different depending on the device setup as well. 

            Also here is some info on how warning Status Works:
            Node warning Interval:

            When devices stop responding or are simply dropping ICMP (Ping) packings.
            NPM will switch Node status from UP to WARNING.
            If device does not respond within the Fast Polling Interval, The device Status is set as Down.

            Fast polling interval is applied when a ping/snmp-query failed for the first time. 

            The default value for fast-polling is 120 seconds. 

            Fast Polling Interval is hard coded into the System,
            and it does this every 10 seconds, for i.e. 120 seconds.
            You can only change the DURATION of the Fast Polling, 
            by adjusting the setting in Advanced Settings, Node Warning Interval. 
            This changes the time period that Orion will Fast Poll until it marks the node down. 
            So if your Alert is to send an email if a Node goes Down,
            it might have to be down for at least 2-3 minutes before Node is marked as down.

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