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    Cisco WiSM - APs appearing twice


      I will probably need a support ticket for this, but though I would ask here first.

      We have got a Cisco WiSM, which Solarwinds sees as two separate Wireless LAN Controllers. When our Lightweight APs boot they connect to one of the two controllers, not necessarily the same one each time.

      So, the scenario is:

      • Access Point is associated with Controller 1 - shows in Solarwinds as up
      • Access Point reboots and associates with Controller 2. Solarwinds now shows two entries for the AP - the one associated with Controller 1 shows as down, the one associated with Controller 2 shows as up.

      I can remove the duplicate APs manually, but this is a pain and was wondering if it would be possible for Solarwinds to realise that the two APs are in fact the same device (Serial Number? MAC Address?)