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    selective advanced alerts


      I have 50 servers in my environment. These are managed by 2 people. So i support 25 servers in this environment.

      I have set up some advanced alerts but NPM monitors all the 50 servers and sends me alerts for all 50 servers.

      I wish to get alerts for my 25 servers only. I did not find any option to apply those alerts on my 25 servers only.

      How do i apply advanced alerts to few selected hosts only.

      one option is to check the hostname in the trigger condition itself. But this would be very tedious if the number of hosts is too large.

      What could be other options. Please suggest.




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          This is a job for a custom property. Create a custom property using the Custom Property Editor in Orion that identifies whether a server belongs to you or to the other administrator. Then, in the alert add another condition that notifies you if the custom property is linked to you.

          For example, the property might be named "server admin", and the possible values are either "you" or "the other guy". Create two identical alerts, except the value for the server admin property in one equals "you", and in the other equals "the other guy". Of course, the notification would be directed to the appropriate person in each alert.

          Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further.

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              Borgan is correct in this requires a custom property.  Open the Orion Custom Property editor on the main NPM installation, you'll find it under the 'Grouping and Access Control' group within the SolarWinds Orion program group.

              Click on the 'Nodes' icon at the top menu bar, then click 'Add'.  I would suggest creating a custom property called 'Email_Contact' and then populating the field with either your email address or the other admins email address next to each appropriate node.

              Open your Advanced Alert Manager, edit the alert and then click on the 'Trigger Actions' tab, then edit the 'Send E-mail/Page' action.  In the 'To' field insert the newly created custom property field by typing in:  ${Node.Email_Contact}

              This will dynamically pull the E-Mail address you populated next to the appropriate node object.

              You won't need to create another alert, it can be done with a single alert.

              To demonstrate this, let says you have a node named 'Cisco 6509' and you are the responsible admin and within the same row your E-Mail address is populated in 'Email_Contact'.  Then that node experiences an issue which triggers this alert, since your E-Mail address is populated in the same row it will be inherited to the object.  By calling the 'Email_Contact' custom property in the 'To' field of the alert, it will insert your E-Mail address as the recipient for that alert E-Mail.

              Hope this makes sense.

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                  Thanks for your replies.

                  There is a seperate field called "Contact" on orion web console for every node. This field is populated with the variable "SysContact" from the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. If i change this variable to my email id; can i use this property of the node instead add another custom property from custom property editor.

                  What would be the sql variable name in this case.