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    Account limitation feature request

      I have multiple logins that sometimes require access to the same nodes.  Currently since there is a implied AND fuction on the account limitations screen so I cannot do this now.  May we please have the ability to do this in the future?  Also, we would like to be able to add more than 3 limitations per account as well.


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          Hi BranFor--

          I'm marking this for the product manager to add to the enhancement list.


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            We're in the same boat. We've had requests for one account to have access to all of one resource type and a few of another.

            For example the Network services Manager wants to see all of his network devices and a small handul of management servers. The Server Manager doesn't want the Network manager to be able to see any servers other than the few Network management servers.

            Allowing the option to change the operator between multiple account limitations would be one solution i.e. 'or' instead of 'and'. Being able to use a SQL query/filter similar filtering node views would be even better.