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    No Historical Data - Why not?


      I am evaluating IPMonitor10. I am monitoring a couple of devices via PING and I have checked the box that says "Store Monitor Statistics for Recent Activity and Historical Reports" - the monitors have been running for over 24 hours.

      When I look into the "reports" there appears to be no historical data. It is important to me to have this information and IPMonitor is of little use to me without this. If I look at the server under "Devices" I see that there is data there like as follows but it doesn't seem to log it historically, it only displays the current stats.

      myserver myserveruppingrtt: 126ms100.00%23 hours, 46 mins, 21 secs23 hours, 46 mins, 21 secs 

      Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?