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    Netflow - table names

      I wrote an application that uses NetflowSummary1 table to analyze the Netflow data collected

      by Solarwinds.


      However as the name indicated, this is only a summary and I am looking for a “real-time” list

      of IP/ports.


      From what I can see, there are some dynamically generated tables that are having names like

      NetFlowDetail_127_nnnnnnn, NetFlowDetail_2_nnnnnnn, NetFlowDetail_40_nnnnnnn, and



      1. Is there a way to know which one is the newest one (other than if I use something

         like “SELECT * FROM sys.Tables”) ?


      2. What are the differences between a table that has 127 in name and one that has 2, or 40 ?


      Thank you!