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    Adding additional fields to the "All Nodes" page


      I hope I am not asking to the impossible here but when I spoke with Tech Support today they told me I was on my own with my request......


      Currently the "All Nodes" page has 3 fields for sorting and they Level 1 through Level 3.  I would like to add at least 2 more in order to be able to monitor the networks of other companies.  Has anyone been successful in doing this..??


      I am sure that the web page source code needs to be hacked but I was hoping to discuss this with someone who has done it before diving in.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 





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          To clarify... are you wanting additional levels of grouping?


          Although it's a little cumbersome, you could add a custom property ("company," for example) to your NPM installation, then set that property based on each company.  Then you add a second (and/or third) "All Nodes Tree" resource to the summary view you are using, and put a filter on each resource to 1 of the companies...


          Not sure if that's helpful but it's a thought.