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    Ceragon IP-10 OID


      I have the Ceragon IP-10 Mib but it errors out.  I will be sending for update but does anyone have the OID for it??



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          try to use MIB walk in toolset

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            Johnny--I've got to ask.  How do you like the IP-10s?  We are using the 1500Ps, but we'll be forced to go to the IP10s, and I wanted to get some real user feedback.

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                We upgraded our 1500P's last week to the IP-10's and for us, they've been rock solid and we have significantly improved performance.  Our 1500P's were licensed in the 23Ghz spectrum and the new IP-10's are licensed at 11Ghz.  I'm no wireless radio expert but I couldn't be happier with the IP-10's.  One of our sites was a mile apart and is rated to transmit between 342 and 489Mbps while the other is almost 8 miles apart and transmits between 202 and 292Mpbs.  Using WAN killer, I was able to stress the links and the result was they are about 4 times faster than the previous 1500's.

                One of the features that I think is better is their ability to automatically adjust transmission rates instead of just dropping the link.  We have heavy rain occasionally and our radios would fail to transmit anything when we had the 1500P's.  It didn't happen often but we shouldn't have that issue at all anymore.

                Does anyone know how to configure SNMP on them?  I don't see how to set the read only string and they don't respond to "public".  I'm just beginning to explore remote management of these.

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                    I just set it to snmp v3 and set a username and password through the web interface.  SNMP management seems to be working fine.

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                      logon via telnet

                      cd management/mng-protocols/snmp

                      set read-community public


                      IP-10:/management/mng-protocols/snmp> set
                      read-community(1)              SNMP read community
                      write-community(1)             SNMP write community
                      version(1)                     SNMP version
                      trap-admin(4)                  Enable/disable sending SNMP traps
                      trap-manager(4)                IP address of manager to which SNMP traps will be
                      trap-community(4)              SNMP trap community
                      trap-port(4)                   Manager port to which traps are sent (default is
                      trap-severity-filter(4)        Filter for traps sent to the manager according to
                      trap-status-change-filter(4)   Send trap on operational status change only
                      trap-heartbeat(4)              How often (in minutes) a trap heartbeat is sent
                                                     to the manager (0 to disable)
                      trap-clli(4)                   SNMP trap clli
                      trap-name(4)                   Text for manager name or comment
                      admin(1)                       SNMP administrative state