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    Windows 7 Integration & Issues

      I'm running the Egineer's Toolset on a Windows 7 system.  The integration on Windows 7 is very frustrating.  I'm seeing issues with a few different programs.  There doesn't seem to be a good definitive thread or instructions on getting the software to run properly on a 7 - just little snippets here and there.



      Issue #1:  User Account Control

      Every Solarwinds application I run generates a system message from the UAC.

      Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?

      What is up with this?  Why do the applications need to make changes?  They should just be running and sending network traffic.  If this is going to be an ongoing security issue, that they need a lower level access with the OS, when is Solarwinds going to work closely with MS to get certification or is this even possible?

      Issue #2:  Switch Port Mapper

      Switch port mapper is not sending or receiving some portion of the SNMP data.  It doesn't communicate to the switche and/or router.  There is another thread here about opening a block in the Windows Firewall.  Well I must say that there is no active entry to block SNMP in the Firewall.  What exactly is the entry that is needed? 

      There was another thread about adding an SNMP service to Windows 7 to get this to work properly. Which services is needed?  Is there a manual with Solarwinds that covers this?


      Thanks for you help.  I'm pretty frustrated with the system now.

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          Andersond - sorry for your frustration. Our applications require that we run with admin level access. We are working on reducing functionality so that we do not, but we are not there yet.  You always have the option of disabling UAC.

          Regarding #2, let's do a GotoMeeting if you have time to get you going. (PM me.)

          There is no need for the Windows SNMP service to be running in order to run SwitchPortMapper.  There is also no need to adjust the Windows Firewall, as it should allow outbound SNMP without issue; now if there are any firewall's between you and the gear you are trying to talk to, that is a different story.  Have you tried the SNMP Tester plugin gadget to verify SNMP communications? Have you configured the community strings in the switch / router? SNMP Views?



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              Any word on reducing functionality so that UAC does not prompt me for an Admin level password every single time I click, refresh, or change the page on my IE8 system? I am just installing a fresh NPM on a system that will run in a secure environment. Use of admin rights is strictly controlled. Use of other browsers strictly prohibited on Windows systems. I would like to use the integrated Toolset, but right now it is looking fairly dim.



              NPM 10.1 on three systems

              Windows2008 Server R2 & 2008 SQL R2

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                  In Engineer's Toolset version 10.6 and later we use a new method of communication between Toolset and Orion for Toolset/Orion integration. With this new method you should be able to use browsers other than IE if you choose and you should not receive security messages from the browser.

                  If you are already running Toolset 10.6 or 10.7 and are receiving security messages from the browser then check to make sure the SolarWinds Orion Toolset Integration Service is running as well as the Integration Tray Application. When both those are running you can refresh the browser page and you should be using the new communication method.

                  For the tools themselves we are reducing rights requirements further with every release so some of the tools may still show a UAC prompt when the tool itself starts up.