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    IPAM discovering duplicates


      I have just installed the latest version of IPAM.  I added my two DHCP servers and it discovered all the scopes just fine.  The only problem is that under the 'manage subnet' tab there are several duplicate subnets.  How can I ensure that this does not happen?

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          I had the exact same problem.  They said it was due to running two scans concurrently.  Anyway, they said you can't delete the duplicate from the GUI. You must do a delete from SQL.

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              This makes no sense.


              - I have unchecked the "automatically adding of new scopes and subnets"

              - I then went into the "Managed Subnets and IP Address" tab and deleted my duplicate subnets.

              - It then deleted all my scopes.


              So now I don't have any scopes under the "DHCP Scope Monitoring" tab.  Now I am not monitoring any scopes.  I want the scopes but not the duplicate / triplicate subnets.

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              the issue with duplicate scopes has been recorded as a bug. Even if you delete them, they will be recreated when DHCP server is scanned next time if you have your DHCP server set to 'Automatically Add New Scopes'

              There are 2 ways how to deal with this:

              1st (workaround):

              - Edit your DHCP server and uncheck 'Automatically Add New Scopes'

              - Delete duplicates in IPAM web console

              Then scopes won't be recreated, but if new scopes are added on MS DHCP server, you will have to manually add them from orphaned scopes page.


              2nd solution:

              - Open a support ticket and reference this thread. We will assist you with deleting duplicates in SQL.