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    Abnormal high CPU usage percentage

      One of our Linux server showed the following abnormal percentage when we start snmp monitoring on CPU using ipmonitor to that server :

      status: Both thresholds, last value and short term, have been exceeded; rtt: 1ms; usage: 4294967359.00%; usage-avg: 1478595398.62%

      Our Linux is RedHat Linux AS4 Update 6 (64-bit )

      SNMP version : net-snmp-5.1.2-11.EL4.11

      Hardware : IBM xSeries x3650 7979-B3A CPU 2.5GHz x 2 (Qard-core)

      Please advice where to start troubleshoot.


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          Hello Steven,

          Regarding your issue, some questions:

          1. What version and flavour of Linux is ipMonitor monitoring?
          2. When was the last time the Linux system was rebooted?  We occasionally see the issue you are having when a system has been up for more than 500 days.
          3. What communicatin type is the CPU Monitor using?  Is it using SNMP (Host-Resources) or Net-SNMP?

          Thank you in advance,

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