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    hrStorageSize reports incorrect value

      ALL of my hard disks are being reported inside of orion incorrectly. The file sizes are all completely off. I have narrowed the problem down to the way that orion preforms the math on hrStorageSize MIB. Here is the response I have received from solarwinds on what orion is doing with those MIB's.

      X by hrStorageSize / by 1024

      X by StorageAllotUnits / by 1024

      The problem is that the graphs are only dividing by 1024 once. When they really should be dividing my 1024 3 or 4 times. I have a 5.45TB volume that orion reports as a 5.99TB volume. Here is why it is being reported as 5.99TB.

      MIB = 1463516927

      MIB = 4096

      1463516927 * 4096 = 5994565332992 bytes

      5994565332992 bytes / 1024 = 5854067708 kilobytes

      5854067708 kilobytes / 1024 = 5716862 megabytes

      5716862 megabytes / 1024 = 5582 gigabytes

      5582 gigabytes / 1024 = 5.45 terabytes

      It seems orion is taking the bytes value and doing something strange with it to get 5.99TB. I'm not sure what is going on with it behind the scenes. But as you can see, if orion were preforming the math correctly the values scaling up to terabytes would be correct.

      Other than creating a universal device poller and preforming all this math on the values through custom transforms, is there anything someone can suggest I can do to get orion's default storage pollers to report the correct values?