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    NetFlow issues of Cisco ASR routers


      I'm having an issue with getting NetFlow to work on a Cisco ASR.  The ASR has 2 production interfaces, 1 WAN interface and 1 management interface.  We manage the box by the management interface.  The router will accept the netflow commands on the WAN interface but it will not let me specify the ip flow-source interface as the management interface.  I get :

      ip flow-export source gigabitethernet0
      %Interface GigabitEthernet0 cannot be used as an exporter source!

      Yet in NTA I get a message :

      NetFlow Receiver Service [XXXXXXXX] is receiving a NetFlow data stream  from an unmanaged device ( The NetFlow data stream from will be discarded. Please use the Orion System Manager to add this  IP Address in order to process this NetFlow data stream or just use this link Manage  this device.

      This IP is the WAN interface.

      I'm confused.  I'll contact Cisco TAC but wanted to see if anyone else ran into this or know how I can get around it.  All management of the router is via g0.  On my non-ASRs I source from loopback and it works fine.