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    Monitor an Exchange 2007 cluser on Server 2008


      Hi everyone,

      I have looked extensively through thwack for an answer to our issue, but have not found anything that would tell us how to do this.

      We would like to monitor exchange services on an exchange cluster that resides on a Windows Server 2008 cluster.

      The posts in thwack all say add the virtual IP and then add the exchange servers, but we are unable to monitor the virtual IP. When we go to add it as a node, it cannot find the SNMP community string.

      I tried adding it just as an ICMP monitor, but then the exchange services come back as "unavailable".

      Does anyone have any suggestions or answers?


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          Hello jason,
          adding node as ICMP should work. Ensure that you have WMI access on that virtual IP. You can try "wbemtest" tool (part of standard Windows installation) to connect to virtual IP and enumerate WMI classes. If you get data this way, then APM should be able to monitor virtual IP as well.

          If this doesn't work, you can try to add virtual IP node as "External" (check External checkbox when adding node). This way you can monitor applications on node but you won't get data about node itself (server status, server CPU, memory, ...). If you need just to monitor Exchange and don't care about hardware, this can fit your needs (of course if hardware fails, applications fails as well).

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              Hi Jiri,

              I have tried both of your suggestions without success.

              Adding the virtual IP as an ICMP node allows Solarwinds to ping the virtual IP and show it is up, but I have not been successful with getting any service or process monitored.

              The cluster will failover to whatever unit is the active unit so monitoring both units for software does not give us the configuration that we need to monitor.

              I can enumerate all WMI classes on the virtual IP, because the virtual IP directs to the active box.

              However, any process of service that is monitored against the virtual IP yields this response.

              Testing on node (name deleted): failed with 'Undefined' status                                                                      Invalid class

              Is there some issue with 64 bit OS operating in a cluster?

              Any help would be appreciated.


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