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    Microsoft Windows Monitor. Monitor Status: Lost Monitor Test: Failed: Error Code: Unable to connect to the remote device


      I just installed and setup the trial version of ipmonitor.
      The majority of my servers are showing as being down. When I drill into each server they are all failing on the same monitor...

      Monitor Name: Microsoft Windows
      Monitor Status: Lost

      Monitor Type: Windows
      Availability: 0.00%
      Coverage: 3 hours, 56 mins, 1 secs
      Critical Failures: 48
      Alerts Sent: 3
      In Progress: No
      Last Run: 2010/01/15,15:27:09
      Next Run: 3 mins, 59 secs

      Results Set
      Monitor Test:Failed
      Error Code:

      Unable to connect to the remote device 

      Can anyone help explain this monitor, why I am experiencing this problem and how to fix it? The credentials I provided are for a domain account that is a memeber of the administrators group on each server.

      Thanks... BA