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    Alerts in Webconsole


      Is there a way to display  more robust and useful information in the alert than just alert name and node?  To me the message should display, just like an event.


      In my world an Event is anything that happens.  It may be informational or it may require a look.  Alerts are Events that require Action.


      Seeing this:

      1/12/2010 10:32 PMAlert me when an interface goes downAdvanced AMERBCWRTR02.company.com


      Is just not helpful to a NOC operator.

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          I struggle with pretty much the same thing with my NOC Techs.  In a different post I made a suggestion to esseitially have a consolidated "Alarm" view that could have information from any of the other sections of Orion (Syslog, Traps, Thresholds, etc).  You can see that suggestion on the thread noted below...

          Re: Feature Request - Syslog Alerting

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              That would pretty much take care of it.  There needs to be a central Alert Console where all things requiring action can be sent to, acknowledged, cleared, etc.

              There's even a column already in the table for the message.  I wonder if there wasn't some kind of goof where they meant to display the Alert Message and not the Alert Name.