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    Change SMTP server in all alerts


      I have found a few posts regarding this but none of them seem to work.  Our SMTP server is changing and the old one will only be live for about a week.  I need a way to update the SMTP server IP from the Database for each alert action.  I tried running the SWAlertNotify program as referenced here Re: Global SMTP settings and that does not alter any current alerts.  I work for an MSP and we multiple servers running Orion with alert counts of over 300 so altering each alert is not a viable option except as a last resort.

      I have looked at the database for all tables referencing Alert and I can see where I can change the To or From email addresses but nowhere have I seen the SMTP server address.

      Worst case I can install Visual Studio and query the entire DB to try and find the SMTP IP and find it from there but I would think this would be a documented setting somewhere.