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    Change SMTP server in all alerts


      I have found a few posts regarding this but none of them seem to work.  Our SMTP server is changing and the old one will only be live for about a week.  I need a way to update the SMTP server IP from the Database for each alert action.  I tried running the SWAlertNotify program as referenced here Re: Global SMTP settings and that does not alter any current alerts.  I work for an MSP and we multiple servers running Orion with alert counts of over 300 so altering each alert is not a viable option except as a last resort.

      I have looked at the database for all tables referencing Alert and I can see where I can change the To or From email addresses but nowhere have I seen the SMTP server address.

      Worst case I can install Visual Studio and query the entire DB to try and find the SMTP IP and find it from there but I would think this would be a documented setting somewhere.



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          i have the same problem and would also like to see a solution to this

          seems that users have alread complained about this 2 years ago but still no solution, or am i mistaking ?

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            Apparently SolarWinds just doesn't care about this issue.  It's ridiculous that we spend so much money on a company that just doesn't listen to it's users.  I've worked with other monitoring software and all have global settings for smtp servers.  At this point I can't recommend SolarWinds with all it's flaws.  Adding a CNAME to DNS is not a solution but a work around.

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                I hear your frustration here. I will email the PM and ask him to get back to you promptly to address your issues.

                Thank you for your feedback. It helps us to improve and it is listened to.


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                    you could use SQL like this:

                    Use NetPerfMon
                    UPDATE    [ActionDefinitions]
                    SET       [ActionDefinitions].[Target] = cast(REPLACE(cast([ActionDefinitions].[Target] as varchar(500)),'SMTPServer:','SMTPServer:') as Text)
                    FROM      [ActionDefinitions]
                    Where     [ActionDefinitions].[Target] like '%SMTPServer:'

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                        netlogix, thanks for your post.

                        We talked with SW development and below is a script to try to replace an SMTP Server. Please note the following:


                        • Run any backups to protect your system before running this query.
                        • The file attached should only target alerts actions that have an SMTPserver specified.
                        • Changes are done on pattern matching basis. This means that for instance if you change ‘SMTPServer’ to ‘SMTPSERVER_1,’ this will unfortunately also affect any server that might have been named ‘SMTPSERVER1’ , ‘SMTPSERVER2’ , which will be renamed to ‘SMTPSERVER_11’, ‘SMTPSERVER_12’, etc.


                          /****** Script for SelectTopNRows command from SSMS  ******/


                          declare @oldServerName As Varchar(255)

                          declare @newServerName As Varchar(255)


                          set @oldServerName = 'localhost2'

                          set @newServerName = 'localhost'



                          update [dbo].[ActionDefinitions] set [Target]  = REPLACE(CAST( [Target] AS VARCHAR(MAX)),'SMTPSERVER:'+@oldServerName,'SMTPSERVER:'+@newServerName) WHERE Target like '%SMTPSERVER:%'


                          select * from [ActionDefinitions]


                          Please post back with your feedback after you use this. 



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                      I would like to add my voice to this discussion.  I find myself in the position of not just changing server names, but having to add authentication to a large pack of alerts on an 8 year old installation.  I'm suddenly wishing I didn't have to justify spending this amount of time on something that should be either a single check box in a GUI, or a couple of simple (by necessity) SQL statements at worst.

                      I realize this isn't a trivial change, but it should be higher on the priority list than it seems to be.


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                        It took me some digging to find the answer to this, but it can be done via the Web interface. This is how I did it.


                        SW SMTP FIX1.jpg

                        1) Log into Orion and Click on Settings in Upper Right hand corner. Then when the Settings page loads, look under the REPORTS AND ALERTS section and click on INITIAL ALERTING SETUP and not Manage SMTP Servers!


                        SW SMTP FIX2.jpg

                        2) Scroll down to the Default SMTP sever section and you should see the IP of your old SMTP server. Change the IP or Hostname in that box and change any usernames/passwords as needed, save it and you're all set.