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    not able to restart a IIS service if website goes down with advanced alerts


      I have been trying to get the restart a service or run a batch job to actually start a service to run correctly if a website we need monitored becomes unavailable and was wondering if anyone has been able to do this?

      The problem I have with the restart a service template is, 1. I am not sure exactly how it works I see that it runs an APM program and wants a component ID for the service to restart but can you use an applicationID or put in different checks. If application monitor is down and component www web publishing is up restart www web publishing? That is what I need it to do but have not been able to make that work.

      I have submitted a ticket for support #136871 since I have also created a batch file that works to do this but when I have it run from the advanced alerts it shows it runs but the service never starts except when run manually.

      This is a huge deal for upper management making Solarwiinds not look so good right now since a program called hostmonitor was able to be setup and do this within minutes but we are trying to move away from that product and go with one solution and are hitting some roadblocks in doing so.

      hostmonitor = Enterprise $799 for 12 months

      Solarwinds = $$$$ over $5000 for NPM SLX

      I can't defend Solarwinds to the bean keepers if products that cost so much less are able to do some of the key things Solarwinds can not do.

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          This is what frustrates me about support.

          I submit an issue that I am having problems with a solution not working as it should in the documentation and how I want to setup an alert which is also not working and support sends me instructions on how to setup a application monitor on the service. Urrrgghh.

          I then am told that scripting is a third party tool and it is not an APM problem if the service does not restart, again URRRGGGGHHH.

          I didn't know that running a batch file would be so difficult for Solarwinds to do or to setup an alert that goes in laymans terms

          This website is not available it is down I should re-start this service and check if it is back up and send out a reset alert if this is up.

          Frustrated ....



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            Steven Klassen

            I had a similar problem recently. I used powershell and vbscript to restart the service remotely, then tried psexec, and finally went back to that APM component executable you were talking about earlier. The one that worked? The APM component executable.

            You create a template with the component 'Windows Service'. You point it at the short name of the web publishing service. Then you create an advanced alert of type 'APM: Component' with the trigger action that you find in the out-of-the-box Restart Service alert (the executable with the ${ComponentID} bit). It worked like a charm.

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                Yeah I can get it to restart the service using the restart a service template when that service goes down but the issue I have is that the service does not go down. www publishing service locks up so it is neither up nor down or in an unknown state but a website we monitor goes down. So what I need to have this alert do is check the website and then if it is not available it restarts w3svc service on the server.

                That to me seems so simple and is able to be done with another piece of software we use but are trying to port everything from that monitoring software over to Solarwinds so we do not want to have to keep that up and running just because Solarwinds is unable to do this.