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    NPM Support for more than 8000 elements

      Hi Solarwinds Team and Thwack Users,

      Just an inquiry on the current capability of the NPM. With servers getting more and more powerful, is there a way the NPM can go beyond the 8000 elements out-of-the box limit? Currently we have an issue on having around 8000 elements on one server. The server that we used is very much powerful than the required specification for the NPM. We even installed the database on another server. But lately we have experienced an NPM application crash. It was said that the application has already reached its limit of 8000 elements. We don't find any issue on the server because the server did not fail during the crash nor have shown information that the server resources is very much used up. It will be greatly beneficial for Solarwinds Orion users if NPM can go beyond the limit.

      Regards to all,

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          Hello Calremo,

          We had the same issue.  We had two pollers both running over 9000 elements. (One was close to 10k) Randomly we'd have services crashing on our main poller.  We purchased an additional poller and things have been much more stable since we've gotten the count down. (Our main poller still has 8300 elements and is running ok.)  All of our servers are VM's so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not...

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              When I was doing my NPM training I asked the trainer the question and he said that the official line is 8000 elements but he's seen pollers polling 15k on decent hardware and also by heavily tuning the polling and stats intervals and of course any changes you make you need to re-run the polls per second tuning app.

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                  We run very close to 10k on 3 servers, everything seems to run pretty well.

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                      Hi Calremo--

                      It sounds like you understand that SolarWinds recommends on upward limit of 8000 elements for NPM. Can you run more? We have had customers that do it, but we strongly advice you to stay at 8000.



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                          Hi All,

                          Good Day!

                          Right now were just a little bit over 8000 elements per server and the server we provided I may say was over specifications since it has 8 cores and 32GB of memory for the pollers and 24 cores and 64GB of memory for the main NPM. Right now we are advised to look at the database communication with the NPM. I have also advised my team to do some adjustment on the polling intervals and other parameters since we are currently using the default.

                          Another note is we were advised that the application is capable of supporting not 8000 elements but 8000 nodes and 8000 interfaces and 8000 volumes. Does this mean that it can support up to 24000 elements? Nevertheless, we have so much interfaces on a single poller of which a lot are UnDPs.

                          Thanks and Regards to all,