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    Feature Request:  Edit Multiple Subnets


      Now that we can edit multiple IPs, I'd like to multi-edit multiple subnets.   (Though my explanation below may key in on some other features that would also be helpful).

      I have an unfortunate situation of having a lot of sites which were originally allocated /16 address spaces ... and not subnetted.  So devices actually have /16 subnet masks, and it appears that "ranges" were defined based upon the third octect, but somewhat haphazardly (so in one site all printers might be within 10.1.120.x while at another they are 10.10.230.x).  

      IPAM doesn't currently scan these /16 subnets (possible feature request).   So, I am currently creating /16 supernets and then defining all /24 subnet within and running the scan.    This might turn up only 5 subnets with active IPs.    So, I would like to go back into all of the other subnets and do one of any number of things, including:

      1) Change the scan interval to something very long (weekly, or even monthly, for example).   

      2) Disable scanning altogether.

      3) Delete the subnets.

      It also might be interesting to have a tunable feature where "empty" subnets automatically get increasingly extended scanning intervals.