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    Problem installing additional poller


      I am attempting to install an additional poller on a new server and the configuration wizard won't let me go home on this lovely Friday afternoon.  I am beginning to wish that this wizard should share the same fate as Dumbledore.

      When asked about the database and whether I want to use Windows Authentication or SQL Authentication, I choose Windows Authentication and seems to pass along an empty username.  It errors out with "Can not connect to the SQL Server.  The original error is: Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection."  I've followed some older instructions I've found in other posts, but nothing is working.

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          When you select "Windows Authentication" it will use the account that you're currently logged in with on the client desktop.  So if you have RDP'd to the server using windows credentials XYZ on the domain, that is what it's passing.  If that user doesn't have permissions on the database server then you'll get this error.

          If you know what the username / password combination that was used when Orion was installed (Generally it's SolarWindsNPM and a password you gave it) and then use SQL authentication with those credentials you will probably have better success.