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    is there is a list of the color codes?


      I'd like to change the colors used to display discards in my charts because the colors are too similar to the color used for errors. I see that you can change that in  Netperfmon.charts. Ok, fine. It looks like the lines we are supposed to change look like this then: <Color>&amp;H008080FF&amp;</Color>

      I THINK we change the "H008080FF" part but I'm not sure. I also don't know what to change it to. It's not like H008080FF is some standard code for "BLUE" or anything. Does anyone have more information besides "You can change the color in the NetPerfMon.Charts file". Unfortunately, I'm too stupid to be able to use that one line of instructions to successfully change the chart colors. Anyone have instructions for stupid people like me on how to change the chart colors?


                        Dan Goodale - Network Engineer II, Triwest Healthcare