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    Interface Discovery


      Working in a large global company, I'm not the only one handling our network. Sometimes a colleague moves a cable from one port to another on a switch.

      The interface is correctly admin. shutdown. Therefore no alerts.

      Is there a way setup NPM to find these infracture changes automatically? some kind of scheduled Discovery to find active interfaces.

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          my experience has been you have to include every port at first-discovery time then go back behind yourself and set those ports as 'unpluggable'. only later can you begin to find when they are 'active' or not.

          if there's a scheduled discovery in NPM which i'm missing then i hope we hear from SW staff in this thread.

          i have heard, on good authority, that there's something coming soon to Orion to auto-discover when something goes active on your network - now that may be what you're wanting (and me too).