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    Custom Pollers - auto application and audit reporting


      We tend to utilise a fairly large number of customer pollers - mainly for power supply status, fan status, bgp etc.

      I would like to see some way to setup rules regarding the application of these pollers, so when a device matching a rule is added, the correct custom poller/s are applied automatically. For extra user points, I would also like to be able to audit exceptions to these rules (in the event someone removes a required custom poller).

      We have created a process outside of Orion to report on custom poller exceptions - but I would like to have this ability within Orion.

      We setup a list (in our case with sharepoint) that contains machine type, node name pattern and custom poller name (i.e. our "rule set")


      We then are able to create a report that looks at the Orion assigned custom pollers in conjuction with the validation rules and produces an exception report..

      A report method like this within Orion in conjuction with auto application of custom pollers would be great.