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      Is there a limit to the number of subnets in a major net ?  We use the entire 10 dot, along with the 172.16 dot  There is a /12 limit on supernet so I put the 10 dots in as 15 /12 nets and subnetted those to /24 through the add dialog.   I kept getting a script error but it completed creating the nets to add them in but It seems to hang on  actually adding of them at various point some after adding 10 or so /24 some after a couple of hundred.  I estart the process and it adds some more then hangs again   ideas?   should I delete and start over as /16?

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          Hi sjweinstein -

          We don't put any arbitrary limits to the size of a subnet.  It is concerning that you are seeing an error and it is hanging up for you.  If you continue to not have luck, please open up a support case and reference this thwack post.