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    NTA Source % Utilization is Not Reporting Nortel Switch Ports


      Using NPM 9.5 and NTA 3.5sp2.

      One of the devices I'm monitoring with NTA is a Nortel 5510 switch.  I have it set to monitor 3 specific ports.  The switch is running code v6.1.

      I can see flow information from the 3 ports i'm monitoring.  I can see the protocol and source/destination information from the switch ports in all the different charts.

      What I'm not getting from this switch is a % utilization report.  In the Top 10 NetFlow Sources by % Utilization view, the Nortel switch ports are not listed.  I can see ports from Cisco routers, but not this switch.

      In the screenshot you can see the Nortel ports listed, but then nothing in the utilization view.  Any ideas?