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    Eval/Demo trial license to full version issues


      I love the over all product but using and evaluation version and then trying to port that to a full license is one of the worst problems I have ever had with a product.

      Currently my entire Orion installation is all borked up just from trying to move from an expired eval of Netflow to a full SLX version of Netflow.

      Netflow will not work or license and in trying to fix that my Orion NPM license is now saying the trial is over. Working with tech support is like pulling teeth. Yeah support is great and all but when they try and fix something they take over and more often then not break something in the process.

      My installation is in a production environment which I do not have a whole lot of room for error when upgrading or adding on to our Solarwinds environment and so far things have not gone as smoothly as management would like which makes them start looking for other products to use for monitoring. I took the tests I became certified for Solarwinds one of the first 500 and with each upgrade and installation not going to plan as described in the PDF for the products we are purchasing that certification is not looking so good.

      This is only day 6 of 2010 I hope things improve by the end of this year cause it is a rocky start so far.