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    Real Time Netflow Analyzer

      Hi Friends

      I am hoping you can help me with a downloading problem I am having. I was advised by Joseph Mathews to try the program to find out who is using my bandwidth because I am being hacked - by an expert.

      Anyway, for obvious reasons the creep won't let me download and open the program. It is supposed to appear as a zipped file and then you can extract and install it.

      This is not the case and it's not the only program I am having this problem with. Instead of the norm, it comes as a square with the 'e' on it and when you try to open or install it everything on the desktop starts flashing really fast and you can't close anything so you have to shut down manually.

      I thought it was a virus but when I do scans with several different programs they find nothing but cookies and I have them removed. I would asume it is something generally wrong, but it doesn't happen on everything I try to download - just from certain security sites, yours included.

      I guess you make the creep nervous because I have already found some of your programs EXTREMELY useful and I love your company's software - not to mention, your customer care people I've spoken to, incuding Mr Mathews are wonderful...

      I am hoping someone can shed some light on why this weird thing is happening and how I can fix it. I'm not a computer expert like you guys. I am just someone who would love to get on on living - without creeps interfering.

      Thank you so much, all of you

      And Happy New Year!  

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          Steven Klassen

          Is this on your personal desktop machine? Unplug it from the network, salvage the files you can, and reinstall Windows. If it's a business system, I'd be more concerned about the machines connected to the one that's behaving oddly. Leaving this machine on your network is a really bad idea.

          Help us out with more information! =)