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    Web access

      I am having a hard time understanding how i would effectively use this in my environment, based on the limitations of cassini and sql ce.  I am currently processing about 1gb of syslog traffic per *day* and am having issues with severe web access slowness and a size limitation of sql ce. 

      I would have expected much more from solarwinds in regard to this product, is this only intended for small companies?, i would really like to see some improvements made in regard to the underlying architecture -

      If i already have sql2008 ent. and i'm putting the syslog data there, just pull the data from there for the web access (this is how most data driven web apps work), if i am also already running IIS, just install the web access site there as well.  The user should only have to use sql ce and cassini if they *do not* have any other infrastructure to support the install.

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          Thanks for your comments and we hear you.  We're working on improving the performance of the Web Access logger to reduce lags in data and we'll certainly investigate any support cases you open around web access responsiveness.  

          Having said that, our goal is to continue to offer the most affordable and easy to use Syslog Server solution in the market.  With this goal come certain limitations, as you've noted in our addition of Web Access support.  While support for full SQL and IIS is certainly do-able, it would introduce an entirely new set of initial configuration and pre/post sales support issues which would force us to significantly raise the price of Syslog server.  At this point, we're just not willing to make that compromise.  

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              Chris, thanks for your reply, and I hear where you are coming from as well.  My feeling is that I (and many others) would like to see SolarWinds go in the other direction, more robust, scalable "enterprise" level apps, not entry level.

              I would gladly pay a significantly increased price for tools that work in my environment and that give me the freedom to choose how it is set up. (For example, Splunk is one of those.)

              Thanks for listening.

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                  Thanks for understanding.   We're actually continuing to explore enterprise log management as well (though separately from Kiwi Syslog).   We'd love to understand your specific requirements for log management.  For example:

                  1. What log sources would you need to collect log management data from to meet your requirements?

                  2. Besides web access to the log data, are there other reporting or visualization requirements?

                  3. How would you expect to manage the storage requirements for log data?

                  4. Other requirements?

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                      Our requirements are based around a "centralized" log mgmt. initiative we have.

                      1. The log sources are many, syslog from cisco, F5, ironport, riverbed, NetApp, EMC, RSA, and then logfile data from IIS, SQL, custom apps, AD, Exchange.

                      2. Web access with the ability to sort columns(multi), create custom searches(i need to search using multiple criteria at the same time), build pre-defined searches(much like the web access filters), create dynamic searches by keyword highlighting.  Custom reports with graphs(these have to be mgmt. freindly :)

                      3. We would only need 90 days of logs at any given time, we would implement some SQL stored procs to do db cleanup for ourselves, or, the system could have the ability to removed files based on user requirements.

                      4. Other requirements would be, user mgmt(AD integration a MUST), creation of roles, adding users to roles, the ability to create different "dashboards" for different roles.

                      Pretty much all of the things that Splunk does :)