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    "Performance Charts" have no data


      I just installed the IPMonitor trial version.  I've configured it to poll two servers, and i'm seeing succesful data from the CPU, Memory, Disk, Bandwidth and Ping monitors.

      However, when I drill down into any of the monitors, for example, the D: drive disk utilization monitor, I see no data in the Performance Chart section  I do see the correct data for Performance Gauges and in the Details and Results sets. 

      Is this a limitation of the trial version, or is there something else to configure?



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          Hi James,

          The trial is fully functional other than limiting the maximum monitors to 1000.

          Verify that you have enabled "" in the monitor config for each of the monitors you are looking at.

          Hope this helps!


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              sorry to raise an old post from the dead ... i did a search to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem ...


              i too am seeing no graph data being plotted under performance charts (ipMonitor). The"Store monitor stats for recent activity...." checkbox has been selected and the realtime gauges and data appear fine.

              Anything i'm doing wrong ?