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    Problem with Orion NPM evaluation

      One of my accounts is getting this message when it I click on interface information. 


      An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail.

      Nothing has changed since it worked yesterday.  I tried logging in with another account and it works fine.  It seems to be isolated to that account.  I tried logging out and logging back in wtih that account

      but the problem remains.  Also tried both IE and Firefox.



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          Did you create any account restrictions for this user and interface? You can check by going to Admin->Account Manager, select the account with the problem and click Edit. You should see an Account Limitations section, anything there?

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            Same happening here.

            After upgrading to 10.1.1 a random account (different accounts on different days) will throw this error.

            I use the "additional web server" and it appears the login is only broke on this website/web server.

            If I use the same login on my main SLX website, it works fine.

            Any Ideas?  

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                I'm was also struggling with this issue on full version 10.1.2 SLX NPM with Admin accounts.  Stops an admin from adding nodes, viewing the poller engines status to name a couple of problems this it causes. 

                So, I ran the OrionPermissionChecker.exe and found that two of the locations were having issues and FAILED.  I ran the repair, it didn't correct everything as it showed but by running the repair and check a couple of times it fixed the permissions.

                Then I forced and the w3wp.exe service closed. 

                Finally, I did an iisreset from the command prompt and gave it 10 minutes.

                Issue resolved.