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    Advanced Alerts logic question - suppression


      In one of my buildings, I want to be alerted if any boxes go down.  However, if mead-5h1-ssw1 is down, I only want to be alerted for that one box (since everything behind it would be "down" anyway).

      Trigger alert when all of the following apply
       Node name starts with mead
       Node status is equal to Down

      Reset when trigger conditions are no longer true

      Suppress Alert when all of the following apply
       Node name is equal to mead-5h1-ssw1
       Node status is equal to Down

      Firstly, does this make sense?  If so, then:

      Here is my question:  Should I have a separate alert set up for the specific device mead-5h1-ssw1 so its alert is processed separately instead of including it here with the "Node name starts with mead" criterian?  (I already have its polling interval set lower than the suppressed devices.)  The problem I see is that this might also suppress the alert for mead-5h1-ssw1, which is the box I *do* need to be alerted about.