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      Ready to install IPAM but does nto appear to allow the use of an alternative DB to NPM DB. Can IPAM use a different DB instance then the NPM DB?  We iun a separate DB fro NCM and would prefer to have IPAM use that as I have 5 class B and  a class A to manage.  over 2200 DHCP servers ( each location has it's own)     Welready have 40 K network devices on the NPM DB and also run IPSLA and Netflow so some better segregation would be a BIG help

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          IPAM can only be installed to main Orion NPM server or to Additional web server, but they both would use the same database.

          If you have very large networks to manage, then I would recommend to create only IP addresses for ranges, which you use. It will speed up scanning.