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    SP 4/6 Hot fix Orion Module Engine issues.


      After I applied the hot fix I cannot get the Orion Module engine to run for over 24 hours. I have worked with support but they cannot give me a good answer to why this is happening.  Anyone else having issues since applying the hot fix?

        • Re: SP 4/6 Hot fix Orion Module Engine issues.

          Have you tried these steps?

          For Windows 2003 -

          1. open Orion Service Manager (Start -> All Programs -> SolarWinds Orion Advanced Features)
          2. click on Shutdown Everything to stop all SolarWinds Orion Services
          3. go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolarWinds\JobEngine\Data

          • In Windows 2008 go to: C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\JobEngine\Data

          4. rename JobEngine35.sdf file (i.e. JobEngine35.sdf.old)
          5. a copy JobEngine35 - Blank.sdf and paste it as JobEngine35.sdf (rename)
          6 .right click on properties of the JobEngine35.sdf you have created and un tick the Read Only box
          7. click OK
          8. back in Orion Service Manager start all services, in the following order:

          1. SolarWinds Job Engine
          2. SolarWinds Job Scheduler
          3. SolarWinds Orion NPM
          4. SolarWinds Orion Module Engine
          5. SolarWinds Orion Information Service
          6. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Service
          7. SolarWinds Alerting Engine
          8. SolarWinds Syslog Service
          9. SolarWinds Trap Service and any other Orion NPM or Orion module engines and services.

          Let us know if that works.