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    SNMP Client for Windows


      I am trying to find a SNMP v2, v3 client for windows. I looked at net-snmp but found it useless. I need to find a client that runs as a service and is fully configurable. 

      Does anyone know of such a product?


      Terry Clarke 

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            Thanks for the reply.

            I tried the net-snmp, but the installation did not work. When I ran a test it was asking for Perl. I need something that is not going to be complicated. I need to put it out in as a msi. I am 99% sure it is the answer but is to complicated. Do you know of or have a more friendly version?



            Terry Clarke

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                Terry, your choices for Windows SNMP agents are (as far as I know):

                - Stay with the one that comes from Microsoft

                - Implement Net-SNMP according to either of the two methods provided by NET-SNMP.ORG and relish in the complexity

                - Purchase a 3rd party SNMP agent like the one from SNMP Informant(which is still only v1 and v2 compliant).


                Unfortunately, the sad reality is that implementing SNMPv3 *correctly* with tight credentials is not nearly as easy as setting up SNMP v2c agents.  To my knowledge their are no centralized tools for managing Net-SNMP credentials, which to me is a deal buster (please, if someone does know of such a tool I would love to know).  So, my implementations of SNMPv3 have been relegated to using the credentials for internal authentication within Net-SNMP, which allows the agent to internally reset its own event flags rather than allow an external monitor to reset them.  These were then used to issue traps to let the external NMS "know" that something has occurred.

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              I'm note sure I understand your question. Are you looking to query SNMP information? Then I would suggest the Solarwinds Engineers Toolset. If you're looking to make a server queryable then all you need to do is install the optional SNMP agent for Windows through Add/Remove Windows Components. 

              If I'm misunderstanding you try rephrasing your question a different way.

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                  Unfortunately the Microsoft SNMP agent doesn't support version 3 and I agree with Terry about Net-SNMP being difficult to set up for version 3 on windows as I am trying to do the same thing at the moment and although I have been able to set up version 2 I am finding it impossible to set up version 3 of Net-SNMP and I have found very little support to get any further.

                  I assume there must be a tried and tested SNMP agent out there that runs version 3 on Windows, if not there is certainly a niche for it.