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    HP Proliant by SNMP


      is there an easy way to scan a Proliant with SNMP (by IPMonitor) to get the list of what I could monitor ?  I'm trying to monitor power supply, hard drives, etc.. by doing a Custom SNMP Wizard and it can't find stuff in (Reason: Could not retrieve any results from VIRTUAL01 for OID:

      I can us the simple Custom SNMP and entera specific OID but findind specific OID is hard (and time consuming !)


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          Hi Dlglsupport,

          The fact that ipMonitor is not getting anything for tells me that you don't have the required SNMP agents installed on the remote system.  Having that said, try installing HP's Insight Manager on that system.  At that point, rescan the system using the Add New Device wizard and it should automatically find the following for you:

          • Drive Space
          • Memory
          • CPU
          • Fan
          • Temperature
          • etc

          Let me know if this helps...or not.

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