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    SMS integration


      Hi all

      Quick question, did anyone try to integrate SMSC with NPM for notification?


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          Dunno what SMSC is exactly - But I've been using a sms gateway with Orion for years - works flawlessly. Orion sends an email to the SMS gateway which forwards the contents as a SMS.

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              Could you please give some more information in which way did you performed this connection, what king of smpp connection script did yuo used etc? We want to integrate our monitoring system but up to know we couldn't perform succesfully.





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              Steven Klassen

              Yeah, Orion has so many points of integration it's dealer's choice.  What is SMSC and how would it like to be talked to?

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                a script that can send an sms (message by phone) during an alert
                I do not use and I can not use the software Orion NCM Web Console Is there another solution that allows you to do what I seen

                Can you give me more information on Solarwinds Alert Manager (win32 app) on the use of script and receiving sms message by phone thank you